A.) Legal Assistance Program

a.1.) Children’s Legal Assistance and  Defense 

  • Direct, Free, responsive and empowering legal assistance for children
    • Investigation
    • Counseling
    • Representation and litigation
    • Filing of novel cases

a.2.) Welfare and Rehabilitation Service

  • Handling of social well being of the children survivors of abuse
  • Psych- intervention
  • Processing
  • Counseling
  • Training
  • Scholarship education
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration
  • Diversion Program for child in conflict with the law


B.) Human Rights Legal Education and Advocacy Program

b.1.) Human Rights Legal Policy Advocacy Work

  • Review of existing laws and policies on children, critiquing and analysis.
  • Drafting of bills related to children’s rights.
  • Legislative advocacy work with other children’s NGOs
  • Visiting detention centers for children
  • Monitoring government compliance with treaty obligations

b.2.)  Human Rights Training and Education Work

  • Training and education activities to local government units, NGOs, CBOs and police force
  • Paralegal trainings for law students, out of school youths
  • Human Rights training for Prison staffs
  • Legislative advocacy training
  • Legal orientation on laws related to children’s rights
  • Rehabilitation training program for child detainees



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