enfants sans droits ; children without rights

They say that children is the hope of our future

If we adhere to this notion, then what do we say about the children in detention centers? I am referring to the nine holding centers in highly urbanized cities in Metro Manila and in Mindanao, respectively, that we have visited.  Albeit until now my organization, Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center (CLRDC),still monitors and continues to visit 5 holding centers. The children at the said centers are below 18 years of age, we still call them children by definition of Law.  These centers are also called shelter by local governments whatever their structure depicts. Continue reading


An Improved Child Protection Code for Caloocan City

CLRDC sits at the Final drafting of Caloocan City Child Protection Code with other NGO experts, @ Save the Children office in Quezon City, January 20, 2016

How are we going to help the society?
For me, it is better to start by helping the children.
As cliché as it is, I still believe that children is our future.
What can we do to help them?

Recognize their RIGHTS, provide their NEEDS, and discipline them in a POSITIVE way.

The children have inherent rights to survival, development, protection, and participation as provided in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child and relevant Philippine laws on children. Continue reading