Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit legal resource human rights organization for children committed to advancing children’s rights and welfare through the provision of its services based on human rights developmental framework approach and methodologies.


A transformed self determining and just society wherein all children are able to exercise their holistic and full human development, respect for diversity, balance and integration, the total valuing, caring and understanding of all children as self actualizing individuals.


To build a society that upholds, promotes and protects the interests , rights and welfare of children and their future without discrimination and preference and ensure that all children enjoy all the rights inherent in them through the adoption and continuous development of methods and strategies for their full development.


*To protect children from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation & discrimination through legal assistance and development program;

*To empower children to become child rights advocates and promote justice and peace through human rights education and training designed for them;

*To equip the communities, partners and networks and other likeminded individuals with knowledge and information for the promotion of children’s human rights, welfare, and interest of children through human rights education training and development.

*To monitor government’s compliance with International Human Rights instrument through policy advocacy program.


Executive Director
Rowena V. Legaspi

Program Support

Frizavelle Turingan, Admin

Wilma Garcia, Finance

Delle Atienza, Human Rights Education and Training

Michelle Co, Community Organizing

Volunteer Lawyers Pool (VLP)

Marc Titus Cebreros

Mirasol Dychingco

Magic Movido