Read Less, Know More

Part of the 10th year anniversary celebration of the Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center, Inc. (CLRDC)  last December 20, 2012, was the soft launching of the “Primer on the Anti-Torture Act of 2009”.  Although printed copies are already available, the CLRDC team opted for the “soft launching” coined to mean a publication of the primer’s soft copy in the blog site of the organization.  Printed copies were distributed to some NGOs on December 20, 2012 in time for CLRDC’s decade of service. The primer is also one of the contributions of CLRDC to the civil society in its advocacy against torture in time for December’s celebration of the International Human Rights consciousness month.

The primer seeks to respond to issues and questions frequently asked in the Anti-Torture Act of 2009, from the definition of torture, the acts constituting the crime of torture, the penalties involved, the legal remedies that maybe availed of by the victims of torture, the principles of command responsibility explained, as well as the rights of a person under custodial investigation.  The readers of the said Primer can better appreciate the law by reading its concise and simplified form and presentation.  Reading less but learning more about the right not to be tortured.

The primer was the collective efforts of the members of the United against Torture Coalition (UATC) and was written by the CLRDC team of lawyers. Special thanks goes to the Medical Action Group (MAG) for financing the printing and reproduction of the cover page.


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